January 31

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Early Creator Recap: YouTube Shorts, Women In Music, and Opportunities

Early Creator Recap, YouTube

Are you an early creator (or working with early creators)? Well good news! We've been hard at work cultivating concise info for early stage creators. In our new Early Creators Recap, we'll break down a few important things going on in the content world and talk about some potential goals and opportunities. 

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Early Creator News To Know

YouTube Shorts are about to be worth a lot more money. Well, for some people at least. Here's a quick breakdown of what's going on with YouTube's short-form vertical video feature:

  • YouTube Shorts is YouTube's short-form video content platform. Here you can post
    videos similar to TikTok or Instagram Reels. 
  • February 1st is when the new Shorts monetization program starts but creators have until July 10, 2023 to accept the new terms. This is critical, though — you need to accept the terms to stay in the Partner Program whether you plan on uploading Shorts or not. 
  • Any user who meets the Partner Program qualifications specifically for Shorts will make money from YouTube Shorts. As of now, YouTube plans to run advertisements between Shorts.
  • New Partner Program Shorts qualifications: You need 1,000 subscribers and you need at least 10 million Shorts shorts views over the past 90 days.

Women In Music Summit

Women In Music just hosted their annual summit for the third year in a row! The theme this year was aligned with the organization's mission: Educate, Empower, Advance. The last day of the summit held a career fair aiming to get more women jobs in 2023.

Bummed you missed it this year? Us too! But Women In Music is always doing cool things, especially for women looking to get a footing in the industry and find an empowering community. Women In Music formed back in 1985 as a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring equality and visibility for women in the musical arts.

Check out WIM here and definitely consider a membership. (And yes, they have memberships specifically for students!). 

Early Creator Opportunities

RootNote Ambassador Program

We’re looking for passionate students who are interested in stepping into the creator tech world and learning about using data to empower the rapidly growing number of digital creators. 


  • Lifetime access to RootNote Premium
  • Mentorship meetings with RootNote team members (expect 2 - 3 per semester)
  • Access to internship opportunities from RootNote partners and other creator-focused companies.
  • The best of all: getting to work with our most awesome early career expert, Belinda!


  • You’re curious about different aspects of the creative industries (creativity + tech) and interested in working as a creator yourself or supporting other creators
  • Not required, but a plus if you are a creator
  • You’re an excellent communicator
  • You’re organized and self-sufficient

Learn more and apply here.

Other Opportunities

Bunches, who we've written about before, has some paid internship openings you might be interested in checking out! There's a spot for a creator partnerships intern as well as a spot for a content production intern. Check out more about the opportunity here.





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