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RootNote helps managers, talent agencies, esports organizations, universities, NIL collectives, professional sports franchises, brands, and all kinds of creative teams track their talent, manage their data, and tell their stories. 

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and ditch those ridiculously tedious spreadsheets...

RootNote's All Creators page just made managing your roster's data effortless.

Stop Wasting Time

The average creative team spends more than two days every week tracking data for their rosters (and themselves). That's tens of thousands of dollars per year in lost productivity doing repetitive, tedious tasks. RootNote eliminates the hassle.

Track Data From Anywhere

RootNote saves users hours every week by doing the dirty work for them: tracking and analyzing their social, content, and revenue data — from anywhere that matters to them. Whether you're dealing with a few creators or a few thousand, RootNote has you covered.

Manage Your Whole Roster

The All Creators page allows you to track your entire roster in an endlessly customizable, elegant data table that automatically updates for you daily. Create custom views, export reports, and organize everything the way you want. Finally, a comprehensive picture.

Ditch the tedious, ugly spreadsheets. Turn that precious time into money by using RootNote to create beautiful, customized reports, media kits, and brand pitches.

 Support for hundreds of platforms and always adding more.

Tell Your Story With Dataspaces

Dataspaces allow you to create unlimited, publicly or privately shareable pages that update in real time. Pitch your creators for opportunities, land brand deals, recruit new talent, and keep your team informed with beautiful and infinitely customizable Dataspaces.

  • Easily add dozens of metrics from hundreds of platforms
  • Customize how you want to visualize the data
  • Rearrange your Dataspaces with an intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Add your own images and text to match your brand and perfectly tell your story
  • Share a collaborative invite with your team, create a PDF export to send internally, or create a sharable link in one click 

Best of all? Dataspaces update with the rest of your creator profile, so there's no endless number tweaking.

How It Works

Add Content Creators

Add content creators to your RootNote account. Who is a content creator? Just about anybody who posts content! From musicians, YouTubers, livestreamers, and influencers to athletes, brands, teams, and companies. If you rely on digital content to get your message out, build your brand, and generate revenue, you're a content creator. You could be a solo creator, an agency working with thousands of creators, or anywhere in between! 

Working with a lot of creators? The All Creators summary view shows you all your creators in a beautiful table, comparing whatever metrics you choose. 

Build Your Creator Stack

What's a Creator Stack? It's RootNote's special way of organizing and tracking every platform you and your content creators use to distribute content, communicate with your audience, and build your brand. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok? Yep. Discord, Twitch, and YouTube? Of course. Shopify, Mailchimp, and Community. Absolutely. These and hundreds of other platforms. Simply find them in RootNote and add them to your Creator Stack. You can even connect many of them directly to RootNote to start pulling in your data immediately. 

Invite Your Team

Content creation is collaborative. Your data should be, too. This is where you invite other people to be able to come collaborate on your account. Maybe that means your manager or agent. Maybe it's the entire marketing department. Maybe it's your bandmates or business partner. Or maybe you don't need to invite anybody (yet). RootNote makes it easy to share whatever you want to share with whomever you want to share it with. But you don't have to share everything, either. Give your team access to see only what you need them to see.

Create Dataspaces

Once you've built your Creator Stack, connected platforms, and imported data (if necessary), you're ready to build Dataspaces. These unique and infinitely customizable spaces help you tell exactly the story you want. Need to keep the team informed about the progress of certain accounts? Easy. Want to put your best foot forward and pitch brands on collaboration opportunities? Got that covered. Want to summarize a recent event or activation? Yup, Dataspaces can do that too. 

RootNote makes tracking data easy. Dataspaces make sharing it fun.

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Who Uses RootNote?

  • Managers and Agents

  • Teams and Leagues

  • Universities and Collectives

  • Media Companies and Brands

Managers and Talent Agents

RootNote helps managers and management companies track not just their clients' social profiles, but all the private and first-party data too. Management users track things like music streams and revenue, tour dates, email list growth, and more. Talent agencies use RootNote to track and manage their roster of talent, creating Dataspaces that help them pitch individual clients for specific opportunities while using the All Creators view to generate roster-wide reports for stakeholders and team members. 

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