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Say hello to RootNote — a collaborative business intelligence platform that helps creators and creative teams turn data into action.

Making content creator analytics accessible and actionable

Our intuitive technology helps creators and creative teams track and analyze millions of fragmented social, streaming, and financial data points

Support for hundreds of platforms content creators care about

  • Artists and Bands
  • Creative Teams
  • YouTubers
  • Creative Companies
  • Livestreamers
  • Digital Educators
  • Podcasters
  • Influencers

and anybody else making digital content!

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RootNote empowers creators at every stage

Marathon Artists

Olivia Management

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RootNote is built to be easy enough for new creators to use and powerful enough to handle teams working with hundreds of creators and billions of data points.

How It Works


Build Your Creator Stack

Connect relevant social, content streaming, and revenue data


Identify Opportunities

Identify revenue and business gaps and discover partners


Set Goals And Grow

Contextualize data with custom growth objectives and content

Customizable and intuitive analytics that enable you to track and visualize data from literally anywhere

For the first time, digital creators have an “all-in-one” data and platform management solution that is built specifically for their business.

In-House Analytics Team To Support Your Business Intelligence Needs

We built RootNote to be easy for all creators — but what if you need personal help turning your business' data into business intelligence? That's where RootNote's in-house analytics team comes in.  Examples include:

  • Marketing Campaign ROI analysis
  • Income, social, and streaming analysis
  • Data storytelling
  • Projections and forecasting, comparative analysis, and unit economic analysis

Relevant Content Designed To Help You Grow

Access content in-app to help you take your game to the next level and understand what's happening in your industry. Featuring interviews with leading industry experts, special insights, and no-B.S. takes on what matters to content creators today.

The RootNote Vision Is Simple

We exist to empower creators with data

Millions of data points from hundreds of creator-focused sources

Consolidated to one data management and insights hub

Connected to thousands of creator-focused tools, platforms, and services

But Don't Take Our Word For It...

I am so thankful for RootNote. As a manager, I am constantly strapped for time and resources, and the part of my job that is often overlooked is analysis. RootNote enables me, on a daily basis, to visually track the progress my artists' are making and share that progress with my artists. We get nearly real time feedback on our efforts and a holistic picture of the artists' career at a glance. I haven't found another tool that combines this information and displays it in a way that is easy to understand. I highly recommend it!

- Erin Anderson, olivia management

I'm excited — it's something that's needed and that's why the bigger management companies and labels are, you know flocking towards these guys. But there are hundreds of thousands of independent artists that I think deserve to have access to that same type of information. 

- Rick Barker (artist Coach And Former Manager)

More From Our Community

"I love the layout of the software; it's super user-friendly and easy to pick up pretty quickly! This has been very helpful to get a big picture view of all platforms in one place.” 

"Y'all have built a phenomenal product and I've really enjoyed using it to streamline/simplify our data.” 

"I'm pumped I found your software. I'm a music manager that has been looking for a tool like this, and even resorted to creating a dashboard myself to display on a TV in our office with social & streaming numbers.”

"RootNote feels like the missing piece to my plans for success. With so many assets and streams of income I plan to attempt, this may be a game changer.” 

There's A RootNote For You

the right fit for any type of content creator and their team

Individual Creators

Rocking it solo? Individual users can create accounts to track one content creator (whether that's a band, a solo act, an influencer, YouTuber, podcast — you get it) across hundreds of platforms. The best part? It's free to start! And when you're ready to connect more accounts, the Premium version of RootNote for individual users is so stinking affordable you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

Creative Teams

Work with multiple creators? Then Pro is for you. A Pro account allows you to track multiple content creators under the same umbrella, seamlessly switching between different creators and data sets. Think artist managers, record labels, creator collectives, digital marketers, and businesses that need to see a comprehensive view of their content creator roster. Want some hands-on analytical help to supercharge your business? Our team of data experts can help with that too.

Creative Companies

Have a whole lot of data and want a tailored RootNote experience with hands-on help from the RootNote team? Now we're talking Enterprise. Whether you're dealing with hundreds or thousands, we'll help you track and analyze creator data at every level of your organization and get your entire team on the same page. Our team of experts are here to support you along the way, all for a fraction of the cost and time of hiring or building.

Meet The RootNote Founders

Honestly just a bunch of creative nerds.

Jason Burchard RootNote CEO

CEO, Co-Founder

Jason Burchard

From the land of spreadsheets and PowerPoint.  Knows enough chords to write a Ramones song. Data nerd. London School of Economics and University of Texas at Austin.

CCO, Co-Founder

Jeremy Burchard

Touring artist. Music journalist. Cinematographer and Director. YouTuber. Jack of all trades, master of *some*. Sarcasm savant. University of Texas at Austin. 

head of engineering

Chandler Barnes

Ex-Amazon engineering extraordinaire. Big Data visualization aficionado with a serious passion for user experience. BS in Computer Engineering from Vanderbilt University.