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Of Tedious, Soul-Sucking Work

The average creator spends four soul-crushing hours every week analyzing their content. Teams spend more than two days every week. That's tens of thousands of dollars per year in lost productivity doing repetitive, tedious tasks.

RootNote saves content creators and their teams hours every week by doing the dirty work for them: tracking and analyzing their social, content, and revenue data — from anywhere that matters to them. Turn that precious time into money by using it to create, communicate with and sell to your audience, and land brand deals.

 Support for hundreds of platforms and always adding more.

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Grow Faster.

Data is cool and all, but it's even cooler when it helps you grow. RootNote provides custom, actionable insights based on every content creator's unique data and creator stack.

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Unlike Manually Tracking Your Data Or Using Clunky Data Scrapers...

...RootNote makes understanding and improving your digital content a breeze. Build a digital brand that sets you apart.

How It Works

Add Content Creators

Add content creators to your RootNote account. Who is a content creator? Just about anybody who posts content! From musicians, YouTubers, livestreamers, and influencers to athletes, brands, teams, and companies. If you rely on digital content to get your message out, build your brand, and generate revenue, you're a content creator. You could be a solo creator, an agency working with thousands of creators, or anywhere in between! 


Build Your Creator Stack

What's a Creator Stack? It's RootNote's special way of organizing and tracking every platform you and your content creators use to distribute content, communicate with your audience, and build your brand. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok? Yep. Discord, Twitch, and YouTube? Of course. Shopify, Mailchimp, and Community. Absolutely. These and hundreds of other platforms. Simply find them in RootNote and add them to your Creator Stack. You can even connect many of them directly to RootNote to start pulling in your data immediately. 


Invite Your Team

Content creation is collaborative. Your data should be, too. This is where you invite other people to be able to come collaborate on your account. Maybe that means your manager or agent. Maybe it's the entire marketing department. Maybe it's your bandmates or business partner. Or maybe you don't need to invite anybody (yet). RootNote makes it easy to share whatever you want to share with whomever you want to share it with. But you don't have to share everything, either. Give your team access to see only what you need them to see.


Get Insights and Grow

Once you've built your Creator Stack, connected platforms, and imported data (if necessary), RootNote will start to provide you with unique insights about your content and data. From here, the sky is the limit. Do what you're already doing better. Learn what you're not doing but should be. Share your success with brands and partners to grow your revenue and create new opportunities.

Make your data actionable.  

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