May 16

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Early Creator Recap: Understanding Who Your Fans Are and Mental Health With Touring

Early Creator Recap, Mental Health, Stats

Are you an early creator (or working with early creators)? Well good news! We've been hard at work cultivating concise info for early stage creators. In our new Early Creators Recap, we'll break down a few important things going on in the content world and talk about some potential goals and opportunities. 

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Advice of the week
Take this week to focus on your and your mental health. Are there changes you need to make? 

Early Creator News To Know

Your Friends Are Not Your Fans

RootNote Learn Stuff Your Fans

You've heard this before — now it is time to hear it again!  

Obviously these are the people who you know will support you, but guess what? You can't take them into consideration when creating your content. Okay maybe a little bit, but don't give them the amount of power you have been. It's easier said than done, but it's a block you have to get over in order to be successful. I've seen so many creators be so worried about what their friends will think that it stops them from creating content that other people will love. We have to be able to separate their personal opinions on your pursuits from what you're creating.

Build Your Tribe  
In the worst case, you'll find yourself looking for validation from people who may never actually be your fans if they didn't already know you. That can lead to second-guessing the type of content you make. It can lead to you censoring yourself or being afraid of losing the respect of people you love. And it can prevent you from taking the kind of creative risk that just might have helped you break through to the next level. 

Feedback to Pay Attention To
What you want to be looking for is the support from the early adopters and the people a few degrees removed from your immediate friends and family. You know, the girlfriend of the friend your friend brought to your show. What do those people have to say about what you're making?

Touring and Mental Health – The Music Industry Manual aims to help musicians and those working in live music to identify, process and manage the physical and psychological difficulties that can occur on the road or as a result of touring.

Early Creator Opportunities

Warner Music U 

Warner Music U is constantly looking for influential college students, with a deep passion for music and creating online content, to become a part of our team





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