February 21

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Early Creator Recap: Grammy Bump and Distribution Developments

Early Creator Recap, Musicians, Spotify

Are you an early creator (or working with early creators)? Well good news! We've been hard at work cultivating concise info for early stage creators. In our new Early Creators Recap, we'll break down a few important things going on in the content world and talk about some potential goals and opportunities. 

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Our weekly advice to you is to take every opportunity you can to improve yourself and your career. You never know what skills you can learn from a job or someone that can take your artist career / professional career to the next level. Never just skate by. Life does not wait for you. It only takes one step. 

Early Creator News To Know

Does being on an award show effect your streams?

We are always curious about things like this. Are award shows worth it? Do you head to check out a new artist after they won an award? "When you think of the effect from viral content compared to something like a globally recognized award show, you really start to see the power of platforms like TikTok."

Artists to Note:

  1. Samara Joy won Best New Artist (she also took home the Best Jazz Vocal Album award). Joy saw a major boost, eclipsing 200,000 listeners on the Monday after the awards and raising her total monthly listeners as of publication to around 760,000.
  2. Brandi Carlile saw a big spike (currently at 3.8 million monthly Spotify listeners) after winning Best Americana Album, Best Rock Performance, and Best Rock Song.
  3. Wet Leg and Snarky Puppy, also saw notable increases that could logically be attributed to their GRAMMY wins. Wet Leg has maintained most of their boost throughout the week, unlike many other artists.
  4. Bonnie Raitt saw her listenership nearly triple the Monday after the GRAMMYs (but has since seen a falling off). At 3.2 million monthly listeners, she'll likely settle somewhere around 150% of her previous numbers. 

Symphonic Starter 

Symphonic is one of the well known distribution platforms in the industry. Originally, their services weren't open to DIY distribution the way DistroKid or TuneCore are, but they recently released "Symphonic Starter" which is their new DIY distribution service. Read more about Symphonic HERE.

Perks (from their site):

  • Get your music on 200+ service providers
  • Fast customer support by real humans [big plus for me] (1 day)
  • Delivery to DSPs: 1-2 days  
  • Collect Publishing & SoundExchange royalties 
  • Pre-save [that is nice] 

Cost: $19.99 per year

Early Creator Opportunities

Content Editors | Ignite Music

Who: "We focus on strategic content development which is crucial for artists who want to tell their story and build a strong digital media brand. We help artists shift their mindset to understand that regularly releasing new content grows your fan base and keeps them engaged."
Hours: About 10 hours a week (TBD)
Compensation: $18-20 an hour (TBD)
Benefits: Remote work, Get to work with up and coming artists, mentorship 

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