February 9

5 Questions With RootNote

Here at RootNote, we pride ourselves on providing you with helpful information about the content creator world. But every now and then people actually want to know things about, uh, us!

So we've put together a fun little YouTube video detailing five questions for RootNote's core team, co-founder and CEO Jason Burchard, co-founder and CCO Jeremy Burchard, and head of engineering Chandler Barnes. Watch the video below or read on for highlights.

What's Your Favorite Part About Working In A Small Team?

There are a lot of amazing people in RootNote's orbit who help with all kinds of tasks and functions. But the primary core of the company is three people, which means it's a small team. 

"My favorite part about working for myself in a small team is definitely the camaraderie," says Jeremy Burchard. "You feel a real genuine sense of ownership over everybody's success." 

Head of Engineering Chandler Barnes echoes that sentiment, noting that everybody has a daily impact on everything that gets made. That also means that nobody is just filling time to get through the day. If there's a meeting that could be shorter so the team has time to work on something really important, then that's what happens. 

What's Your Favorite Part About The RootNote Platform So Far?

The RootNote platform has its origins in the real day-to-day minutia content creators and creative teams find themselves dealing with. 

"What gets me so excited about the platform we're building is the idea of collaborative analytics," says Jason Burchard. "It means that more people get more information, and with more information they can start making actionable decisions on that information." 

"My favorite idea of RootNote as a whole is the mission," adds Barnes. The idea that ultimately everybody deserves an opportunity to understand how their content career is growing and evolving. 

If You Could Have One Skill Somebody Else On The Team Has, What Would It Be?

Probably one of the most identifiable components of a small team is recognizing that everybody carries their own strengths. That's pretty apparent in RootNote, too, where both Burchard brothers come from different professional backgrounds and Barnes brings big company thinking  to small company efficiency. 

"I would absolutely have Chandler's ability to distill really complex technical information and boil it down to something that anyone can understand," Jason Burchard says. "I've also seen it come through in his teaching."

"I am a fledgling content creator and Jeremy's ability to put out on all these platforms is enviable," laughs Barnes. Meanwhile, Jeremy covets his brother's ability to get and stay organized. 

Content Creators The Team Admires

One of the best things about working in the content creation space is the opportunity to be constantly inspired. Much of that inspiration comes from the creative individuals we're building RootNote for. 

"Ali Abdaal is one of my favorite YouTubers," Barnes says. "His gear towards educating people and teaching them how to embrace and be their own content creators. His style of teaching has just always resonated with me."

Jason chose the easy route to this answer. "This is going to be a copout answer, but it's Jeremy," Burchard says. Citing his brother's ability to create all kinds of content for his own band, other creators, and the company, Burchard says, "It's been an amazing experience and I'm really excited to see what he continues to do."

When I'm Not Working On RootNote, You'll Find Me...

There's a common theme among the RootNote team. When they're not working on things for the company or their own content, they look to head somewhere completely away from the content and tech world. 

"Hopefully you'll find me in the middle of nowhere with my two dogs and my girlfriend," Barnes says. "I love to find a city and then go two hours outside of that city to the middle of nowhere. I will travel to another city just to escape from that."

"You'd find me on a hiking trail somewhere outdoors with my wife," Jason Burchard says. "Any opportunity I have to meet new people and experience new things and cultures, you'll find me there."

The younger Burchard brother has a slightly different idea of escaping. "I've been doing improv classes lately, which I've been having a ton of fun with," Jeremy Burchard says. "I've been doing Krav Maga...it's a great opportunity to not think about anything else because the minute you stop thinking about specifically what you're doing, you get popped in the face." 





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