March 24

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Early Creator Recap: Spotify Updates and A New Modern Music Organization

Early Creator Recap, Spotify

Are you an early creator (or working with early creators)? Well good news! We've been hard at work cultivating concise info for early stage creators. In our new Early Creators Recap, we'll break down a few important things going on in the content world and talk about some potential goals and opportunities. 

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Over the past couple weeks I was reminded that confidence in yourself can go a long way. Speak up when you have an idea or when something comes to mind. I often find myself not expressing an idea — then someone else says what I was thinking, and I regret not saying anything. It seems like the more you express yourself, the more you'll know when its a good time to speak up and when it's not. 

Early Creator News To Know

Videos on Spotify? 

Videos on Spotify and Other Updates  

Short Video Content on Spotify:
Spotify officially announced its new Clips feature. It is, in essence, a new short-form video component to the platform. Clips will be presented on the home screen, focus  mostly on music, and allow users to swipe through, similar to TikTok. 

Pre-saves on Spotify:
A pre-save feature comes as part of the new "Countdown" pages Spotify announced, which essentially serve as a bridge between where music is promoted and where music is consumed. In other words, Spotify is creating a place for artists to hype upcoming releases on the platform itself, opposed to social media. 

Discovery Mode for Independent Artists:
Spotify announced that it's officially bringing Discovery Mode to independent artists using specific distributors. When you enable a track for Discovery Mode, it boosts the likelihood that it will appear in a user's Radio or Autoplay algorithmic playlists.

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Early Creator Opportunities

Kobalt | Coordinator, Writer & Publisher Relations

Hours: Unclear
They offer competitive compensation packages, professional development opportunities, and an entrepreneurial culture 

Kobalt’s Writer and Publisher Relations team manages publisher and writer client accounts by serving as the administrative point of contact for any related queries. The Coordinator will handle a wide range of  administrative tasks relating to the management of Kobalt’s existing client base and respond to internal and external questions related to the administ





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