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Early Creator Recap: Chatting About Content and Understanding Creator Data

Early Creator Recap, Stats

Are you an early creator (or working with early creators)? Well good news! We've been hard at work cultivating concise info for early stage creators. In our new Early Creators Recap, we'll break down a few important things going on in the content world and talk about some potential goals and opportunities. 

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Watch this video I did with Jeremy, the Co-Founder of RootNote! We talk about what I do for a job and share some advice on content creation.

Early Creator News To Know

Understanding Creator Data Creates Competitive Advantage

Know the numbers and what you are working with.

I feel like we all "know" this, but do we take the time to actually know it? When we say creator data, we mean everything from your Instagram likes to your Shopify conversion rates, YouTube search terms, Substack subscribers, Spotify streams, and everything in between. Seriously, millions of potential data points per creator.

Know how much you are making on each platform
If you are aware of this you'll know where you time is best spent. Have a check-in with yourself and maybe you'll need to switch up your strategy.

Evaluating Geographic Revenue
When you utilize distribution statements to reference your income based on geographic location, you have a much better understanding of how much traction those different countries are building for you. You can get 5 times the results by advertising to certain markets outside of the U.S. If you cross-reference the data from your marketing campaigns with platform backends (like Spotify for Artists) you can determine whether the people you were advertising to are actually sticking around and staying fans.

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Early Creator Opportunities

Kobalt | Coordinator, Writer & Publisher Relations

Hours: Unclear
They offer competitive compensation packages, professional development opportunities, and an entrepreneurial culture 

Kobalt’s Writer and Publisher Relations team manages publisher and writer client accounts by serving as the administrative point of contact for any related queries. The Coordinator will handle a wide range of  administrative tasks relating to the management of Kobalt’s existing client base and respond to internal and external questions related to the administ






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