Three Things Not To Miss In RootNote Premium

April 2, 2021

We just launched the Premium version of RootNote not too long ago and we're really excited about all the new features we've packed into the platform. We're busy making video tutorials and working on more ways to help all our new users really get the most out of RootNote. 

In the meantime, we thought it might be nice to highlight a couple of the main features in Premium. 

1. Artist Specific Stats Like "Per Stream" Rates

One of the best parts about RootNote is that it's not about everybody else — it's about you. That means that when you plug in all your accounts and upload your CSV files, you'll see data that pertains specifically to you, not just some random number. What do we mean by this? One of the best examples is the "per stream" conversation.

For musicians, there are tons of articles floating around talking about how much money you make per stream. A lot of times you may hear something like $.004 per stream. But the truth is, the actual number is different for every artist — and on every platform. Seriously. Did you know Apple Music and Amazon Music might be paying you twice as much as Spotify? Or that there are TONS of other, smaller platforms in your statements you don't even pay attention to?

When you use RootNote premium, you unlock a whole bunch of stats specific to you and your money. That includes things like how much money you've made in different countries (that's right, an international tour may be closer than you think). 

What if you're on Twitch? With Premium, you can see additional stats, including a number even Twitch won't show you in their backend — your revenue per hour streamed as paid out by Twitch. 

These are the types of numbers that we think are really important to individual creators and yet for some reason are so difficult to find. Or at least they were before RootNote Premium.

2. Premium Tools That Integrate With The Rest Of RootNote

The Tool Box is one of the sections in RootNote that gets us the most excited because there's so much promise about what we can build. The Invoice Generator is a Premium tool that shows where we want to go with this section.

Asking to get paid for your stuff sucks. Especially if its among friends or clients you might consider yourself friendly with. Nobody wants to keep sending emails. Sometimes you forget altogether. RootNote's Invoice Tool is all about you looking professional and organized while also doing the dirty work for you. When you choose to send an invoice through RootNote, you let us be the bad guy (which we're totally cool with by the way). Sending reminders and making sure you get paid doesn't bother us one bit. 

The other great thing is that when you do get paid, that money gets reported in RootNote's Revenue Analytics section for you. And that's a great example of where we want to take this platform — in a direction that makes your creative career easier on multiple levels. 

3. Personalized, One-On-One Onboarding And Support

This is something that we honestly pride ourselves on more than anything else as a company. We're real people and we really want to help you make the most of RootNote.

That's why we're not afraid to say who we are, make videos with our faces in them, and tell you about the lessons we've learned with our own successes and setbacks. We're not trying to fool anybody here. We're a team of people who are incredibly passionate about content creators and believe they deserve every opportunity to make a living from their art.

We have big visions and big plans for RootNote, but it's nothing without the people who use it. That's why we want to make sure every user can reach out to us for help when they need it. When you use RootNote Premium, you not only get priority onboarding and support from us, you help us in our mission to build the platform out and make sure we can always think about creators first. 

If you're using Premium and you have questions, issues, or feedback, you know that we're here to help you not just set up your account, but steer it in the right direction so you can make sure it's a seamless part of your content career — week in and week out.

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