Interested In Using RootNote?

RootNote Premium is currently in beta, which means we're accepting users by application only. But it's super easy to apply! If selected, you'll get access to RootNote and our team to help you make the most of the Premium product. You'll get to use it in exchange for your honest feedback. Get access to a first-of-its-kind platform AND be part of making it even better? Now that's a deal.

What Is RootNote Premium?

That's a great question! Asking questions is very good. It's pretty much why we started building RootNote. You ask questions. We like you.

Revenue Tracking

Track and analyze your creator revenue for an ever-expanding list of supported services, including the most popular music distributors, PROs, Twitch, Patreon, and more. Also self-report earnings so you know everything is covered.

Social Tracking

Plug in your accounts to track things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Mailchimp, Twitch, and Spotify. Understand engagement better with additional stats and custom RootNote metrics.  

Streaming and Views Tracking

RootNote can currently help track current streaming and views data from platforms like Spotify, Apple, Pandora, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Twitch, with the list steadily growing.

Exclusive Tools

RootNote Premium features access to a growing list of exclusive tools to help you save time and make more money. We're excited to add to this section with more and more helpful tools based on the needs of some of the most savvy managers, marketers, labels, and creators in the business. 

Premium Support

Premium users get Premium Support with a member of the RootNote team. Need help with something? Get a real human to help you with your new favorite team member, RootNote. Want to talk about steps you should be taking to make sure your house is in order? Yep, we're here for that too. 

Perks, Articles, and More!

Access RootNote's growing perks section for special deals on creator-centric services, read up on interesting news, interviews, and insights in the Learn Stuff section, and be the first to know about all the cool things we're working on with RootNote!

Why We Built RootNote

Look, we'll be honest: nobody on the RootNote team thought, "Hey, I bet in 2021 we'll be building a state-of-the-art software service to help creators manage all this freaking data." But that's exactly why we HAD to build RootNote. We didn't see some get-rich-quick opportunity. We weren't coming in from another company in another industry and thinking, "Hey, that creator space is really booming right now, we better get in while the gettin' is good!" 

We were living and breathing the problems RootNote sets out to solve. Every day. Heck, our co-founder Jeremy is probably recording some music or making a video right now. (Whose accounts do you think we were using to build RootNote when we first started back in 2019?). 

The bottom line is, we know how easy it is to feel like you're taking on the world all by yourself as a 21st-century content creator. Even if you already have a trusted team around you, or you're the team member responsible for tracking all this in the first place. That's why we built RootNote: to be the newest, nerdiest member of your team on your path to world domination (or you know, just self-fulfillment and good, clean business operations; whatever floats your boat).

What Does "Beta" Mean?

Beta means we're still working diligently on RootNote the expand and develop it into the first full-fledged product. It means that we're still adding core new features to the product. But it also means that we're confident that where it's at now will be very useful and helpful for just about any creator. It also means that users at this stage of the platform will get to play a key role in developing more features and the future of the product.