People Like Us!

March 4, 2021

Guess what? If you're one of our beloved early users of CODa, or even if you're just reading this, you helped us in a major way! That's because our humble company RootNote was selected as a winner in the Music Week Tech Summit Startup Initiative — all the way over in the U.K.! 

Yep, we're excited to say we were one of five winning companies selected by eight industry judges (who are all badasses in their own way — and we're not just saying that because they like us, lol). And you're a big part of RootNote.

The Music Week Tech Summit is, in their own words, " an exploration of how [music and technology] can work together to help artists, managers, labels and publishers reach new audiences. With exclusive insights from the freshest start-ups on the block through to the digital giants shaping the future of the industry, this conference is an absolute must for anyone working in this sector."

The Music Week Tech Summit is going digital this year (for obvious reasons) and we get to be a digital part of this very awesome international event. Of course, none of this would be possible without the early feedback and engagement of all our amazing early users. 

So, THANK YOU for being part of our early journey in helping creators take control. We're just getting started! 

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