Our Work

RootNote gives content-obsessed businesses the power of custom technology and an analytics support team at a fraction of the cost and time of hiring or building. Our proprietary tech and team will help your company unlock the power of its data and save you hundreds to thousands of man-hours per year in the process.

Our Technology

Our innovative web app helps you consolidate and analyze millions of fragmented social, streaming, and financial data points in one, easy to use, platform. Our tech will:

  • Help your team and clients analyze and visualize data trends from literally anywhere
  • Connect your entire ecosystem of public and private data 
  • Keep your analytics capabilities up to date in a constantly changing industry
  • Easily adapt to your growing business

Here's How Our Tech Works

Companies and Service Providers

  • We'll develop partner APIs and FTPs to help you get data into the hands that need it most 

Teams and Other Partners

  • We'll connect your team and clients to a single source of truth and make it effortless to share information with other key partners

Creators and Team Members

  • We'll keep your analytics capabilities up to date in a constantly evolving landscape of service providers and media platforms

Analytics Support

Our analytics support team will help you tackle your biggest analytics challenges and turn data into action. Our team of experts is ready to jump in and assist in a variety of roles including:

Project Manager

Works with your team to implement data-driven strategies

  • Monthly check-ins to review data trends
  • Custom insights reports with overview and analysis of account analytics and platforms
  • Assistance keeping account data up-to-date

Recent Work Includes

Business Strategy


PROJECT: RootNote helped a music label consolidate millions of data points from fragmented data sets 
and analyze streaming pay rates across their roster, sub-labels, and distribution territories. We
worked with the team to identify areas of optimization and prioritization as they were in the
process of evaluating future partners.

OUTCOME: We provided a detailed report of our findings and recommendations to the executive
team that were used to help evaluate and select a distribution partner.

Modeling And Forecasting

INDUSTRY: Creator Economy

PROJECT: RootNote worked with a creator investment fund to develop a revenue forecasting model and evaluate the ROI of prospective investments given multiple potential investment outcomes. We 
worked with the client to create a data-driven approach that encompassed all of a creator’s
potential income streams.

OUTCOME: We provided models, advised on creator investment strategy, conducted market
research, and assisted the team with sourcing inaugural investments.

Partnership Support

INDUSTRY: Sports and Entertainment

PROJECT: RootNote helped a sports organization streamline its e-commerce, email, and social data to a 
single KPI dashboard and conducted an engagement rate analysis of both the client and of other
teams in the league. We worked together to develop data-driven insights that they were able to
present in key in partnership conversations.

OUTCOME: We provided a unified dashboard of the organization's various data sources, identified
strengths and areas of opportunity, and helped develop materials for critical partner meetings.

Advisory Services

INDUSTRY: Creator Economy 

PROJECT: RootNote was asked to consult as experts on a legal matter involving creator data and 
worked alongside accounting and legal teams to assess the impact of other’s actions on the
creator’s business. We collaborated with subject matter experts, calculated lost profits from
creative income streams, and assisted in the development of expert reports.

OUTCOME: We contributed our key findings to expert reports that were used in settlement
negotiations between the parties. The case was successfully settled out of court.